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Milky Tea
Based in Liverpool, UK

Milky Tea
Based in Liverpool, UK

Release Date:
Coming to steam and
console 2019

PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One


Steam Store:

£14.99 / $19.99



Baltic Creative Digital House
Studio P
44 Simpson Street
L1 0AX

+44 (0)151 708 0800

+44 (0)845 003 7389


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Welcome to HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT, the most intense SPORT BRAWLER game you’ve ever played! Assemble your team of formidable warriors, arm them with game-changing weapons and compete to become the Galaxy’s greatest hero!

HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT fuses ‘no-rules’, hyper speed handball with brutal player-versus-player combat. Challenge your friends or the A.I in intense 1v1 or 2v2 local or online conflicts.

Only HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT gathers the greatest warriors from across time and space and pits them against each other in a visceral and brutal sport. Select your hero and match with a unique weapon to create a formidable combatant, distinctly suited to your play style. 

Play on your own, go up against friends on-line or in couch play. Or take on the world in one of HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT’S three modes: throw yourself into the single-player ‘Galaxy League’ mode to perfect your every move, from subtle after touches to fury fuelled ‘rage’ attacks; blast into multiplayer action in the unranked ‘Gauntlet’ mode; or prove yourself in the ranked HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT to become the Champion that defines the age!   

Game Features

  • 10 warriors each with unique skills and attributes, from Bazooki, Go-Zen, Tristan, Toro, Lito and the malevolent, Shade

  • 8 distinct arenas each with fraught with savagely dynamic obstacles, rotators, risers and moving floors

  • 8 game changing weapons! Wield the earth-shattering Hammer, destructive Proximity Mines, or rain Hell from above with the jetpack!

  • Assemble your team of warriors, try out different team combos and combat strategies to create an unbeatable play style

  • Finesse your play with after-touch or obliterate the competition with a ‘rage’ attack

  • Hyper-engaging championship structure which means that everyone has the chance of being the ultimate champion

  • 3 distinct Hyper-Modes;

    • GALAXY LEAGUE – Intense one player mode lets you face off against an array of daunting opponents as you develop your own brand of Hyperbrawling

    • GAUNTLET – Compete online with players across the world for the ultimate accolade – ‘The HyperBrawl Champion!’ Achieve a win streak of 10 games to become Champion and earn special rewards

    • HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT – Online Ranked multiplayer – take part in the Galaxy’s greatest competition and prove yourself as the Galaxy’s greatest hero

  • Customise your characters look with unique warrior skins, weapons and other cosmetic items

  • As fun to watch as it is to play, HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT is the perfect, super competitive, party game

Studio History

Milky Tea is a UK based Game Development and animation production studio. Established in Liverpool in 2005, the studio designs, develops and publishes its own intellectual property as well as offering “work for hire” game development and animation services. The studio has created digital content for some of the globes biggest brands including NFL, Sony, Kraft, Bose and Toyota. The studio is renowned for its work in the UK on the Lloyds TSB Bank ‘for the journey’ advertising campaign between 2007 -2013.

In 2015-2016 the studio published “Coffin Dodgers” a dark comedic Kart Racing game on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Over the years the studio has won, or been nominated for, nearly every major award in the industry, including prestigious awards from BAFTA, EMMY, Banff and TIGA. In 2017 the studio was shortlisted by Creative England as one of the top 50 best up and coming, innovative and disruptive, companies across film, games and digital tech.

In 2017, a leading integrated Internet services provider in China, Tencent, made an investment into the company. With this new partnership in place, Milky Tea plans to further expand the team in Liverpool, scale up the development of HyperBrawl Tournament and develop new PC and console IPs over the coming years.

Milky Tea Awards & Recognition

  • Banff Award winner - (BBC game, The Well)

  • Prolific North Award winner - (best animation studio)

  • BIMA Award nominee - (Game, Roller Rally)

  • DADI Award nominee - (Game, Roller Rally)

  • BAFTA nominated - (BBC game, The Well)

  • Emmy nominated - (BBC game, The Well)

  • X3 TIGA Game Award nominated - (Coffin Dodgers)


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